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Offices, Banks & Showrooms

1.Shura Council Offices                                          
2.Norwich International Consultants                       
3.Ground Floor Reception Lobby                           
4.BAE Systems                                                       
5.Miracle Office                                                      
6.Sheik Hisham Office                                            
7.Jidhafs Municipality-Refurbishment Works          
8.Hamad Town Mun. Refurbishment Works           
9. Budaiya Mun. Refurbishment Works                   
10.Civil Aviation Affairs Director’s Office        
11.BMMI Office / Reception                                       
12.Real Capita Main Office                                        
13.Real Capita Business Centre                                
14.Ernst & Young Extension Office                            
15.Manama Municipality Office Renovation              
16.Al Watan News Paper Office                                
17.Al Swaidi Office 
18.BNI Office                                                             
19.BNI Office                                                             
20.BNI - Western Union                                             
21.ARG Office                                                                
22.ARG Warehouse                                                  
23.XEROX – Boardroom                                           
24.XEROX – I Point Showroom                                 
25.Al Jishi Centre                                                      
26.Ernst & Young Office                                            
27.Ernst & Young Office                                            
28.Real Capita Office                                                
29.ROXAR Office                                                       
30.Keypoint Consulting Office                                 
31.Bahrain Real Estate Investment Office                 
32.Gateway Amwaj Office                                         
33.Gulf Insurance Institute Office                              
34.Tabreed Office                                                     
35.RIHO Office                                                         
36.First Point Offices (6th & 7th Flr)      
37.Al Tayer Trend Office                                           
38.New Willis Office                                                   
39.Energy Central Office                                           
40.Inchcape Office                                                    
41.STC Office                                                            
42.Bait Al Mal Khaleej Office                                     
43.Bahrain National Holdings                                    
(Staff Amenities Centre)                                        
44.Al Amthal Office                                                   
45.Bahrain Polytechnic Library Learning Centre       
46.Khaleeji Commercial Bank                                   
47.Khaleeji Commercial Bank                                   
48.Khaleeji Commercial Bank
49.Bahrain National Insurance
50.Khaleeji Commercial Bank
51.Tamkeen Office
52.International Peace Institute Office
53.Bahrain National Insurance Showroom
54.Bahrain Polytechnic Multi-Purpose Hall
55.Future Bank-Renovation Works
56.Bahrain National Insurance
57.National Amlak Co. Office
58.Khaleeji Commercial Bank
59.Khaleeji Commercial Bank

Almoayyed Tower, Seef  District
Almoayyed Tower, Seef  District
NBB Tower
Al-Ezz Building, Hoora
Ministry of Education
Jidhafs Municipality
Hamad Town Municipality
Budaiya Municipality

Sitra Branch
11th Flr. Wind Tower, Diplomatic Area
5th Flr. Wind Tower, Diplomatic Area
16th Flr. Bahrain Tower Building
Manama Municipality
Estiqlal Highway, Riffa
Um Al Hassam Ave.
Hamad Town Branch
Sitra Branch
Univ. of Bahrain - Sakhir
Seef District
Diplomatic Area
Salmaniya Road
15th Flr. Bahrain Tower Building
15th Flr. Sheraton Tower
10th Flr. Wind Tower, Diplomatic Area
7th Flr. Wind Tower, Diplomatic Area
24th Flr. NBB Tower, Manama
4th Flr. Addax Bldg., Seef District
Amwaj Island  
Amwaj Island  
2nd Flr. Sheraton Complex
Al Safar House, Seef District
Bahrain World Trade Centre
Seef District
Al Raya Bldg., Seef District
Zamil Bldg., Manama
Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Seef District

Unisono Tower, Seef Area
Isa Town Capmus
Sanad Branch
Budaiya Branch
Muharraq Branch

Manama Branch
Riffa Branch
Seef Mall, Seef District
Harbour Bldg, Financial Harbour
Isa Town Campus
Manama Branch
Zinj Branch
22nd Flr. Platinum Tower, Seef District
Isa Town Branch
Juffair Mall, Juffair Branch