10 Great Reasons to call Le Meriam Interiors.

Our service takes the risk out of decorating / renovating on your own. We come to you with product samples and decorating ideas: custom window treatments, wall and floor coverings, bedding, furniture and accessories. Decisions are made right in your office/home, where we can coordinate with existing furnishings. We'll even do the ordering, take care of delivery and supervision!

  1. 1. CONVENIENCE: Stay in you home/officeand let us bring decorating ideas right to your door – at your convenience. We know you'll enjoy seeing how design concepts will come to life right in your own project!

  2. 2. QUALITY: Our products are among the highest quality in the decorating industry. You can take pride and have confidence in your purchases from Le Meriam Interiors.

  3. 3. SERVICE
    : We do it all! From our initial design consultation service to final product installation, we will handle every detail of redecorating your home / office / establishment .

    : We have shopped the world to offer an extensive, diverse line of high quality furnishings and services, including custom window treatments, fine furniture, wall and floor coverings, custom bedding, lighting, and accessories.

    : Our interior decorators are committed to your satisfaction with the products and workmanship that go into your decorating projects.

    : Because each client has unique tastes and lifestyle, we will custom tailor your home / office / establishment interior to your individual needs and desires.

    : We work within your budget – without compromising quality. Our strong relationships with our manufacturers allow us to provide customers with the best value.

    : Our initial in-home consultations are always complimentary.

    : We've just celebrated our 15th Anniversary! With over 20 interior decorators throughout the middle east, we provide decorating services to thousands of home / office / establishment!

  10. 10. US
    : That's the best part! Not only do we come to you with the finest products available, but you get the exceptional design services of trained professionals that know how to make your house / office / establishment  a sure winner.